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BeBe has been adopted!

Sponsored by Heather, in memory of our dogs Daisy and Mardi that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


Little Bebe may have been from a hoarding case. She is a little timid with meeting new people but quickly loves to be close once she trusts you. She is fine with all the other dogs at her foster home and would love a home by herself or with a submissive dog. She likes to be #1 and her foster mom suspects that maybe she had to assume her rank with several other dogs so she does like to share that she is the alpha but as soon as she realizes that the other dog is not a threat, then she is perfectly fine with being a new friend here! She loves to be in the yard with the other dogs and has tried to play with one of the others so she would have fun with another dog who likes to play also or with a human to play with her.

She’s a wonderful loving girl who loves her belly rubbed and reminds you with her paw that she doesn’t want you to stop!! She loves to eat and is pretty polite. BeBe was just groomed (the groomers loved her!) with her beautiful soft coat. She does need regular brushing but not necessarily clipping. She had several large mats that have been clipped out. She appears to be a moderate shedder.

BeBe does not need to be crated. She appears to be house trained and she is not destructive when left alone, nor is she excessively barky. She does barks when she hears other voices or dogs so not sure how she would be in an apartment or condo or townhouse.

She has no interest in toys…maybe she never had any? She appears to have moderate energy and is good on leash. She is afraid of thunder and wants to be close but doesn’t appears to be afraid of other noises. She is great in the car…lies down and falls asleep!

BeBe is timid with new people and new places but quickly realizes that she is safe and there is no reason for her to worry. She needs to be introduced slowly to new places and things like the car and some steps. She is a little shy about coming downstairs but is getting used to them. She would sure love to have carpeted or treaded stairs.

BeBe ia a very sweet girl who will make a wonderful pet. She is a people dog who loves to be close and she would make anyone very happy with her company.



Bebe was lovingly fostered by Janet.