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Beau has been adopted!

Sponsored by Toba, in honour of Toby, Riley and Penny. Every furbaby deserves a loving home and happiness


Beau is a very happy and friendly senior gentleman who loves every dog he meets, and every human big or small even more. He shows no signs of any aggression and he even seems to like cats. He loves laying on his bed or a couch, loves cuddles and attention, and playing with his foster brother. He never gets tired of attention and pets, and will make sure you don’t forget about him when his foster siblings are getting attention. They don’t mind sharing with him, he’s very polite when he pushes his way into the fun. He has moderate energy, enjoys his walks and exploring the yard with his foster brothers, but also loves laying around in the grass.

Beau is healthy for his age. He was just neutered before arriving in foster care, so his stitches are still healing. His teeth are in decent condition for a senior dog, with some wearing and chips likely from chewing bones or something similar. His sight and hearing seem to be good. He has trouble jumping up into a minivan but is OK being picked up and jumping out on his own. Once he’s in the car he’s a great passenger. His hips seem to be in good shape, as a senior he moves a bit slow when getting up on the couch.

He is a respectful houseguest. He would prefer living in a house of early risers, as he’s had a couple early morning accidents even if he goes outside late at night. Aside from that, he is housetrained and waits to go outside to do his business. He’s just too polite to wake you up when he has to go in the morning. His manners in the house are good, but he will table or counter surf if there’s a crime of convenience available to him. He likes inspecting the contents of plastic bags if you sit your shopping down, and will sometimes pick up your socks and carry them around. In other words he’s good at helping you keep a tidy home. He’ll bark when people approach the door or property like a good guard dog, but is ready to welcome visitors in with a smile.

Beau was lovingly fostered by Mike