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Beau is adopted

Beau / Male / Terrier / 1 year old / 25 pounds

Beau’s pull fee was sponsored by Mitzi B.


Beau is a happy dog who loves everyone he meets; adults, children, other dogs and cats. He is very calm and laid back and just loves to cuddle. He loves to look out the window but have yet to hear him bark. It is a pleasure taking him for a walk as he never pulls and goes too fast. We learned while taking him for a car ride that he does not like to be crated as he tries to escape and cries for a few minutes to show his displeasure. Beau loves to play with his tennis ball and the squeaky toy which came with him and when he’s not playing is either following me around the house (he likes to keep me in sight) or napping. He has never had an accident in the house so I’m confident in saying he is house trained.