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From Beau’s foster mom:

The story of how Beau ended up in rescue is a sad one, but perhaps worse, it’s a very common one. He lost his home somehow, and was left in an overnight drop box at the shelter. Erring on the side of kindness, I’m going to guess that his owner died, and no one knew what to do with this faithful companion, loyal and loving friend, except to leave him to an uncertain fate.

Luckily, Beau is such a gentleman and so sweet, he was brought to the attention of Save Me Rescue. Now that he is here in my (foster) home, and is recovering from the trauma of losing his family and being in the shelter, he’s quite happy and gaining confidence, strength and hope, again. Beau may be a senior but he’s a very intelligent, curious, and engaged senior who still wants to be an important part of his person/people’s lives, remain active, be loved and cared for, this time for the rest of his life.

Beau’s wish list includes: his own fenced yard (he is curious!), but other areas to explore, sniff and pee on; a comfy bed (or two); lots of pats, hugs and bum scratches, as he loves that and gives gentle kisses as a thank you; good food with supplements to support his health; car rides and a little adventure; a loving mum or dad, or both! Beau would be fine with another dog (he only reacts when he thinks he might get bumped or if he thinks there aren’t enough pats to go ‘round, but all he does is a little growl and then he refocuses on his person). He totally ignores cats.

Beau is a very courageous dog. Yes, he’s courageous. He has not whined or cried once, despite the fact that he was so tired when he arrived that he wiped out a couple of times, and it clearly hurt him. Yes, he has arthritis and a slight hip dysplasia in his one leg, and can be stiff first thing in the morning. His right hind leg is definitely weaker, so if another dog or person were to bump into him, he would tip over. Sometimes, his back legs quiver, which is simply a lack of muscle strength – he is still able and anxious for walks though and ambles or trots along happily for up to 40 minutes, along with other shorter walks during the day. He loves the yard, and I think will enjoy the warmer weather, and probably will love to just meander around with his person. We are building up his stamina, confidence and strength every day. He is not a complainer – his natural curiousity and love for life shines through because he is more bent on being loved and having a good time than moping. Quite frankly, I am in awe of Beau.

So far, he has been treated with Cartrophen injections (series of four weekly shots), and will be receiving laser therapy, as recommended by our veterinarian. He is also getting a daily supplement in his food, which will help him, long term. Beau’s new home should be aware that he will have a good quality of life going forward, but needs some special care to maintain the gains he’s made so far, and improve his flexibility and strength.

Therefore, Beau’s forever home must be one where his few limits (lots of stairs, boisterous activity, hills/climbing) will be respected, while his zest for life, happiness and love will be much appreciated. Perhaps now, you will also appreciate that my ‘real’ name for Beau is RamBeau. He is tough, resilient, and pretty much a rock star. Does he have a grey muzzle? Yes, but he’s VERY handsome. Is he physically limited? Somewhat, but in no other way. Is he gentle, sweet and loving? More than most people. For me, the biggest unanswered question is: Who is going to give Beau his dream home? Will it be you?

Update: October 14, 2015:

Today, Beau started laser therapy for the arthritis and inflammation in his hips and one small spot in his spine. He will have three treatments this week (today, Thurs and Sat), two next week, and one the following week, along with an assessment. Although it was a little startling at first to see this strange machine, he was, as always, calm, cooperative and sweet.

Beau is already making excellent progress with his Cartrophen injections (he’s on the third of four), and is showing marked improvement in flexibility. He’s been able to gain some much-needed weight, and increased his stamina, as well.

Beau is receiving this treatment thanks to some very generous Save Me Rescue supporters, and for that, we and Beau are very grateful. Thank you also to those who are following Beau’s story. He is a shining example of how an abandoned, sad, senior dog that was considered a throw-away by his ‘family’, is now thriving again through this wonderful second chance. He’s showing all of us what a truly remarkable, strong and brave dog he is. Beau is certainly the sweetest guy ever, with a heart full of love to give, and lots of time left now to live his life comfortably, doing all the things he loves to do – especially going for walks!

Thank you all, with love and gentle kisses from Beau.

Great with all sized dogs
Ignores cats
Quiet on the leash
Children over 5 years old


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