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Beasley has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Ben



Meet Beasley! He is a handsome boy with a beautiful brown merle coat.

Beasley is very much your stereotypical beagle. He is happy, loving, curious, lover of food, an explorer and a master escape artist.

Beasley is a happy little guy who loves laps and being showered with love.

Like many beagles his inquisitive nature and love to explore has made him an expert escape artist. He requires a fully fenced and secure yard and must be supervised when out. He is prone to wanderlust and is adept at finding any weakness in your fence to escape and follow his nose wherever it takes him. He seems to be able to get under the smallest opening.

Beasley knows how to sit and stay and walks okay on a leash. He is not crate trained as he has tried to escape when left in a crate. He is very food motivated which will help with further training and learning some more manners but his love for food also makes him prone to counter surfing. His forever family will need to ensure food is out of reach while they teach him some kitchen manners. His love of food has helped him but on some much-needed weight. He arrived underweight and while gained some weight in our care does need to put on a bit more weight.

Beasley is a very playful and active boy (medium energy). He loves his stuffies, playing with his foster brother and a good game of fetch. While is an active boy, he also loves to cuddle with you on the couch.

Beasley’s ideal family is one with dog experience and with no children or older children. He needs to learn some manners and boundaries. A detached house is best as he can be vocal and will bark when he hears another dog barking or people outside. He requires someone that is home majority of the time as he loves to be around his people and cuddle up on a lap. As mentioned he does not like to be left in a crate and will try to escape so someone home during the day is ideal. He is also still working on housetraining. While he knows to pee outside, he will sneak off to go number two in the house if not watching or letting him out regularly.

Beasley would do well with another dog or cat; however, he requires slow introduction to larger dogs as he can be the aggressor. He does well with dogs a bit bigger or his own size. He will need to be feed separate from other dog/cats or he will steal their food.

Beasley was lovingly fostered by Deb.