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Bear has been adopted!

The beautiful puppies are sponsored in loving memory of our beautiful aunt, Gwen Willms 💐


Bear and his six siblings arrived from Northern Ontario at 6 weeks of age. He has done very well in his foster home and is ready to find a family of his own. Bear will grow into a large (60 to 70 lb) fluffy dog with a love for people, a playful spirit and a working dog disposition. Bear will be 9 weeks old on May 21 and ready for his new home at that time.

Bear is a white dog with a medium long coat. At 7 weeks Bear was 4.9 kg (11 lbs). While we don’t know exactly what his mix is we suspect Great Pyrenees, husky, shepherd, and lab may be part of their family tree.

Bear is a sweet pup who loves cuddle. He melts the heart of everyone who meets him. He will follow you anywhere and likes to know where his people are. He is quite active, though like all young pups he still needs lot of naps. Bear is good with children and has shown no tendency to bite, he does minimal puppy mouthing and can be easily redirected to a chew toy.

Bear loves being with people more than anything. He is happiest hanging out on a lap or beside your feet. He enjoys chasing balls, wrestling with his sister, and finding anything you might not have noticed under the couch to chew on. Bear is great with other dogs (big or small) and even with cats. If he is not with a person, then he will be trying to get one of the dogs to play. His foster family has 4 cats and 3 adult dogs, and he has fit in well with everyone. He does a bit of a prey drive though will listen when redirected – he was very interested but not obsessed with our the baby chickens.

Bear is a quick learner. He knows his name and will come eagerly when called – with ears flying! He learned to sit and wait for meals or to be picked up though once the food is down is a very enthusiastic eater! He will lay on his back for a nail trim – and fall asleep while his tummy is being rubbed. Bear has been started with clicker training and is doing well. He would be a good candidate for obedience, scent or service dog training.

Bear is starting to use a crate but not sleep through the night yet. He thinks 6 am is a fine time for breakfast. He is being fed 4 times a day at the moment with an small feed at night to help him sleep. At 8 weeks he is doing well with his house training and if you are willing to make sure he goes out after meals, after naps and anytime he starts to hunt for a spot he likely won’t have many accidents.

Bear can be quite communicative – and will howl in protest if he has a complaint but is pretty good at settling back down and is learning good manners. Generally this only happens if he is left alone or when he is ready to get up in the morning.

Bear really is a very special puppy but like any puppy he will need a great deal of attention during his formative months. Puppies come to you essentially as blank slates. Remember, you are responsible for socializing them, house training them (which means going out hourly sometimes) and helping them learn how to be a family member in a home full of humans, and perhaps other animals. Bottom line – it is a lot of work and a huge commitment. Make sure you are ready for that before submitting an application. If you have a friend who has adopted a puppy, ask them how it was.

Like all puppies, Bear will need proper training to become an enjoyable family member. Depending on your comfort level and experience, this may include puppy training with a professional trainer. He likely will need enrichment in the home particularly when young, puzzle toys, snuffle mats, scent trails and lots of exercise. A bored puppy can easily get into trouble. He comes from a number or working dog breeds so will need to be kept active physically and mentally to be happy. Outside unrestrained access will be important. Accordingly, preference will be given to homes with a fully fenced yard.

We are looking for a home where he will not be left alone for long periods of time. It is not fair, nor conducive to proper socialization and physical and mental health, for puppies to be left alone for extended periods. If an applicant is out of the home during the day, we will be looking for a plan to ensure the puppy is properly attended to.

Bear has seen a vet and has his first set of shots and deworming. He is very healthy and has no medical issues currently. Neutering, at the appropriate age, is required and at that time a portion of the adoption fee will be returned. Bear has unattached dew claws that can be removed at the time of neutering if the vet advises. If the dew claws are not removed extra careful attention to keeping the nails short is important.

Check out a video of Bear.

Bear was lovingly fostered by Sharon