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Bea has been adopted!

Sponsored by Kanan, Peter and Mukta (grammie), in loving memory of their beloved fur babies Billy, Emma and Cookie.


Meet sweet Bea!

This young beagle girl, like many rescue dogs, has had a challenging start in life. Bea journeyed to Canada from a shelter in Kentucky with hope in her heart to find a forever family. Unfortunately, Bea has shuffled around quite a bit in order to find a home that suits her. Despite the bumps in the road and disappointment she has endured, there is a silver lining. We have a better understanding what will not work for Bea.

Bea finds young children a little overwhelming and would fit better with older kids that can understand she is a rescue who has some displacement and emotional scars. Bea needs a calm environment to help overcome separation anxiety. Bea is prey driven. She is fascinated by squirrels and bunnies. Pretty typical of a beagle. She is very smart and tiny, and will figure out how to worm out of a backyard if not properly fenced in.

Bea is living with another beagle in her current foster home. Initially when Bea first arrived she was intimidated and competed for attention. In only a few days, Bea started to participate in play and even started to initiate it! She’s become more comfortable sharing space with her fur buddy, and will gladly snuggle up for family cuddle time. Quite the accomplishment. Bea is so affectionate and loving. But on her own terms. When she’s ready for a tummy rub or scratches behind her floppy little ears, she’ll let you know.

Bea is vocal in such a positive way. Bea does bark and fuss when her foster mom goes out. Once Bea is settled in her crate she calms down and doesn’t carry on. Oh the quirky yips and yawns. Bea is quite expressive. One of many amazing qualities she has.

Bea has some interest in toys, but they could be a little foreign to her. She is getting to know how a Kong works, loves to play fetch and will root through the toy box for a good find. A little adventurer she is.

This gal is special. Bea has proved her tremendous potential so far. Little Bea is ready for more. Her forever family.


Bea was lovingly fostered by Nicole S.