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Baxter has been adopted!

Sponsored by Toba, in honour of Toby and Penny. Every furbaby deserves a loving home and happiness



Hello! My name is Baxter, I’m so pleased to meet you!

I’m told that I’m around 8-9 months old, I’m definitely a German Shepherd mix and I come to you from very cold Northern Manitoba. I was part of a pack of approximately 17 other dogs, so coming to my foster home where I’m the only dog has been a big adjustment for me.

I’ve been at my foster home for a couple of weeks and I’ve already learned so many things; I’m very smart, if I do say so myself. I’ve learned how to climb and descend stairs with confidence, I’ve learned how to whine at the backdoor to let my foster family know I need to go out to do my business and I’ve learned that to get yummy treats, I need to sit nicely and wait. I’m being taught that I also need to sit down and wait before crossing the street, but sometimes I forget and need reminding. There’s a lot to know!

I’m beginning to enjoy walks outside, now that everything isn’t so scary. I keep a nice pace with my foster Mom on our walks morning and afternoon but I do get quite excited to see other dogs. I will need a forever family with a firm grip and who will continue my lessons on manners. I LOVE playing and will need a tall fenced backyard so I can play with you often!!

My foster family has a short human, I think called a kid. I love him the most. I keep watch over him on our outings and I love it when he plays with me. I always try to be gentle but I’m a big boy, I don’t mean any harm.

I’m looking for a forever home that will be patient, likes the outdoors, will engage my smarts and can handle my size. Most of all, I’m looking for a loving, safe place to call my very own.

Baxter was lovingly fostered by Lee and Debra