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Baxter is adopted!

Baxter/ Male / Mountain Cur Mix / 7 Years old / 39 pounds / Adoption Fee is $400.00

Baxter’s pull fee has been sponsored by Sue D.

Baxter is one of those rare dogs that comes into rescue where he would adjust to most scenarios! He is a beautiful dog with a great personality, even alittle aloof. He loves to please, tries so hard to do what you want and is smart. He is a gentle dog and is timid, so a gentle hand and relaxed environment would be ideal. He is very well behaved. He is currently low energy but is showing signs of a higher level of activity, as he has been under HW treatment for the past 10 weeks so it could be that he is finally on the mend. He tested positive for Heart Worm when he was pulled from the shelter. Baxter will learn anything you may want to teach him because he truly wants your approval but like most hounds has that stubborn streak. Being food motivated makes it that much easier to train with “high value” treats!

Baxter is otherwise healthy, eats well and does his “business” regularly. He is quiet and doesn’t bark unless he is excited, usually for food. He waits patiently for you to take him out in the morning and settles in for the entire night – his favorite spot: “the couch”. He likes to be in his crate as it is his safe zone. He seems to be fully house trained. He is very aware of food scents and though not necessarily counter surfing, leaving food out wouldn’t last very long!

His basic commands are basic; sit! But that didn’t take long to learn so he will learn fast He is nervous about doing the wrong thing and will roll over and act cute to avoid being punished. He will also roll over and “starfish” to avoid doing something he doesn’t want too. This behavior may seem cute but its avoidance; equivalent to a child having a temper tantrum. As his history is unknown, and it is believed that he was a stray and may have been mistreated. He is timid and most of his issues (like most dogs) comes from fear. As he genuinely likes people he shows great promise to be a loyal and well behaved companion.

He is starting to play with toys and shares well, our dog is more confident and Baxter is afraid of her but he is gaining confidence. We have not seen any aggression in Baxter and any introductions to new people have been perfect, though timid. He will need to be the one to approach rather than be approached which will require some caution

He is very good in the car and very quiet on the ride and will love to go everywhere with you if he could. He is learning to walk at your side and is getting better on leash. As he is timid, off leash dog parks may be alittle too overwhelming for him.

Baxter is a shy timid gentle kinda guy and will thrive in an environment with lots of attention and time spent one on one. Though he is good with other dogs he would do well on his own. He is independent and self-reliant and will need time to bond with his forever owner, learn to trust and he will be a great dog. He is not a high shedding dog and has great house manners. He definitely loves to run but is not super high energy. As he is nervous he would prefer to be in a quiet neighborhood and a lower activity home. Sounds ideal doesn’t it?!

If you want a quiet, medium size dog that is well mannered and fun to have around, Baxter is the man for you.

For more information on Baxter, please contact his foster mom Frances at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!