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Basil is adopted!

Basil/Male/ Neutered / Shih Tzu Mix / 12 years old / 30-35 Lbs / Adoption fee is $300.00

This little guy has it all!  A big personality,  full of fun and love, in a small body!   Basil is a handsome and sweet 12 year old Shih tzu mix with the body of a basset hound. He is a little too long and his front legs are a little too wide, but he is a whole lot of cute, happiness and LOVE!

One thing you should know about Basil is that he has always had a doggie buddy in his life and he would love to have a companion or two in his forever home.  He also LOVES his people and enjoys having someone home most of the time.

He enjoys his crate and adjusts well to routine.  When his foster parents go out, he has no problem going into his crate; in fact, this is his preference.  It is important that the door of his crate is left open as he will wander in there throughout the day for naps. Basil’s foster home considers his crate to be his own little man-cave.

Basil is house trained but doesn’t mind you reminding him that he needs to go outside to do his business.   He LOVEs his foster home’s backyard and a backyard for him to run and play in is a must.  Take a peek at Basil wandering around the yard with his foster brother, click here.

He is a happy guy and he doesn’t really act his age. He is playful and gets goofy if you talk to him silly.  He enjoys chewing toys and bones, loves afternoon naps, and makes a pretty good foot warmer!

We also think Basil has the cutest little hop/run. Click here for a little peek, bet you can’t help but smile!

For more information on Basil, please contact his foster mom Colleen at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!