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Bash has been adopted!

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Bash has been in his foster home for just a short while now and he has done remarkably well settling into his new routine.

He is such a friendly dog who enjoys the company of other dogs. He currently lives in a home with a small size dog and a medium size puppy and they all get along the best of kind, spending their days wrestling and playing chase with one another. Bash would do well in a home with another playful dog but he would get on well in a home being an only dog just as much. No cats please.
Bash can be a bit shy when first meeting humans and will warm up once you pet him a couple of times. Working with him to socialize him will work wonders for his confidence. He does well around kids, including young children. I think he would like the high energy in a home with young kids with whom he can play.

As a puppy, he is full of puppy shenanigans! We’ve started working on learning puppy manners and what is expected of him as a family pet. He is full of energy and playfulness, loves to run around and play with his toys. He would be best fitted for a family who matches his energy level. There are still some puppy antics that need to be worked on so keep that in mind when applying for Bash. Behind his cute exterior there is a puppy that still needs some training. We have been working on potty training – he’s had 2 accidents in the house (which is expected for new foster dogs), however, he is watching the other dogs and is following suit with outdoor potty breaks. At 8 months, there is still a bit of chewing behavior left in him and he is doing really well being redirected to chew on his toys. While Bash is learning about his new surroundings, he has his own space to play in. I use an x-pen (doggy playpen) to help contain him when he cannot be supervised and it helps to keep him safe. This has been a fantastic way to teach him the art of self soothing as puppies (and new fosters) often cling to their person. When Bash arrived the first 2 nights were scary for him but by the 3rd night he happily slept in his crate without a peep until the morning. He’s learning that he is safe even when you are out of sight. He has also been left alone in the home while I am out running errands – after a few minutes of protest he settles into his bed and takes a nap until I return.

Bash does like to stay close to his people making recall very easy with him. At this point in his life I don’t think he has had much experience with being walked on leash as he doesn’t quite understand the concept. He does love to explore and meet new friends along the way. It’s always a treat having him with me on our little journeys. Did someone say treat? Bash won’t say no to a delicious cookie. He is very food motivated and has no problem licking his plate clean. He’s a healthy dog with a healthy appetite.

Bash is a really good boy who is looking for a family to love and spoil him and share life adventures with him.

Bash was lovingly fostered by Jennifer