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Bambi has been adopted!

Sponsored by the Brodsky Family in memory of Alva Trossman


Meet Bambi!!

Bambi has a low to moderate energy level.. but when she feels a case of the SILLIES come on she can be quite crazy. Click here to see what a case of the sillies looks like!

This sweet  girl wants nothing more than to be cuddled in your lap or on the couch 24/7, Literally! At night she likes to climb under the covers with you or sometimes prefers to have her own little blanket. She loves to nap and her favourite spots are either right across your chest as you talk to her OR in the best patch of sunlight she can find. She is a sun worshiper and would be quite content with a big window seat or with her own little backyard. Fenced yards would have to have an extra layer of protection around the bottom. Miss Bambi is tiny and can squeeze through small spaces!

She is very well behaved in her foster home, she is extremely quiet all day and night.

She does her business outside when we go out with her, but has to be reminded to go outside regularly. It’s clear that no one has taken the time to work on this with her. Her foster mom is spending a lot of time in this area. Plenty of rewards for all business done outside and a peepad is kept in the bathroom for emergency business.

Her average energy level is low and she would do best in a home where she can spend her hours cuddling and sleeping. This tiny chi girl just wants to give and receive love all day long and she will melt your heart with her sweetness.

Bambi is good with other dogs, but doesn’t need a companion dog. She loves her people and would LOVE a home where she will be a big part of her person’s life. The ideal home for Bambi would be a retired couple that can enjoy her company. Since Bambi is ultimate car passenger she would like nothing better than to tag along wherever her people go.

Bambi is having dental surgery on Tues. May 8th all applications will be reviewed on May 14th.

Bambi was adopted by her foster mom Lynda