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Bailey has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Bailey loved by Cathy and Caroline



Update 2 – This sweet girl has had her final x-rays taken and she is ready to continue her journey to find her forever home. We simply adore Bailey, and this is certainly a tough post to make. I have promised to find her the most perfect family, this family will give her the love she so rightly deserves. She will give you unconditional love, as her little butt wiggles her way into your heart. Know that she will always have a piece of mine!

Update – April first marks three weeks since Bailey has had her knee surgery. Dr. Justin said she did really well and expects her to live a more comfortable life because of the repairs to her left knee. Bailey continues to be such a happy affectionate girl, but still limits all her love to her foster family. She has put on a little weight, and has enjoyed this wonderful weather on the comforts of our laps. Bailey’s movement will continue to be limited to small bathroom breaks and quiet calm rest inside her pen. I must say, when we come to her pen for cuddle time, it is hard to keep Bailey calm…she attempts to climb up her pen to get into our arms quicker. At the 8 week mark, we will introduce small walks to help rebuild muscle. She will get a quick x-ray just after this to be sure everything has healed as it should. Her leg doesn’t cause her any discomfort, and to say the STRUGGLE is REAL is an understatement to keep her from jumping up and running once outside (on a leash). She has made herself at home here, and finally for the first time ever…walks like a lady should!


Bailey the beautiful arrived into our care mid-January and she has been enjoying being a Canadian so far. Although she is not too keen on the cold weather and doesn’t like the snow, once bundled up, she loves going for walks and tolerates short bathroom breaks outside. Bailey is quite vocal when someone arrives at the door or she hears a bump or another dog barking, but quickly settles once she is picked up. Initially she is a shy gal when introduced to new people. She has been known to nip out of fear, but once she gets to know you…look out! She is constantly wagging her tail and wiggles and whines with pure joy! She has attached herself to everyone in the family, her kissing and snuggling is endless! She does know to do her business outside, however, when it is cold she will sneak into a corner (or a rug), preferring to stay inside. ,Bailey loves to eat, and is first to lineup for treats of any kind. She does know to do her business outside, however, when it is cold she will sneak into a corner (or a rug), preferring to stay inside. Bailey loves to sleep with her humans, she “tunnels” under the covers and stays there until “good morning” is said. The kisses and snuggles start immediately after those words are said. Bailey gets along well with our two cats, and doesn’t bother with our dogs. She has just started playing with toys, and seems quite content to be lazy in a comfortable bed.

As soon as Bailey was in her foster home it was discovered that we needed to assess her legs. It is quite common with smaller breeds to have luxating patellas….this simply means that her knee cap slips in and out of it’s proper placement. After x-rays and a consultation with the orthopaedic surgeon it has been determined that Bailey’s one knee will require surgery. Dr. Levy is performing this surgery on March 11. With proper after care, this surgery will help Bailey to have a pain free, more stable future.

Once you look into her big brown eyes you will be in love, I know we are!!!!!

Bailey was lovingly fostered by Brenda