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Bailey has been adopted!

Sponsored by Terri in memory of her Nana



Bailey is a gentle, 2-year-old beagle who hails from Kentucky. A very pretty girl, she has unusual amber eyes and velvety, grey tipped ears. Even though stingy with kisses, only the mention of her name sends Bailey into fits of tail wagging. She is shy and takes a little time when introduced to a new person, but quickly relaxes with a kind voice and positive touch. She is seldom vocal and understands basic commands.

As with all hounds, Bailey’s nose will lead her through life. She loves to chase rabbits and will often take a classic pointer stance with front paw up, head low and tail held high. She has amazing hearing. Because beagles are known for wandering and escape, a fenced yard or full supervision will be necessary. Bailey is completely house trained and signals at the door when she needs to go outside.

No health issues have arisen while in foster care. Bailey has a solid, muscular body. U.S. health records indicate that she has been spayed and received updated vaccines and preventatives (heartworm, flea, tick). It appears she lost 3 or 4 lbs. while in shelter.

Bailey loves food! Female beagles can be prone to weight gain so her diet should be watched. Currently she gets a cup of high-quality kibble twice daily (plus two tablespoons of wet food mixed with a little warm water to sweeten the deal). Treats are also on the menu. She has not displayed food protection with humans. There might have been an incident of counter surfing…

Displaying a somewhat low energy for her age, Bailey needs to be encouraged to be active and requires daily exercise. She is still learning not to pull, but her walking skills are quickly improving. Surprisingly not a sniffer while on leash, she is not distracted by squirrels and will walk long distances when asked. She is terrified of garbage trucks or anything else large and noisy. She avoids other dogs and is known to growl and will snap if approached by one that is too enthusiastic.

A quiet, independent dog – Bailey has not displayed separation anxiety and is not used to being crated. She does not like newspapers and is anxious travelling in a vehicle. She loves to show off tossing a ball in the air herself. Sadly, tennis balls are her favourite thing to chew and can have a very short shelf-life. She likes nothing more than to retrieve all evening if engaged – however, be prepared to fish the ball out from under furniture! Bailey has ‘recline radar’ and immediately knows when her people sit or lay down. She will come racing, jump up, lean in and plop down (preferably under the blankets if there are any)!

Bailey’s short coat is very easy to care for and she enjoys warm baths once every two weeks and nail trims by a groomer every month. Being a southern girl, she feels the cold, so needs a warm bed and outdoor clothing. Her under-belly is hairless and is as soft as a baby’s bottom. She is delighted to have it rubbed and always asks for more.

Covid has limited opportunities to socialize and test her with other animals (including cats) but when introduced to a small, senior poodle mix and they ignored each other. Her behaviour with other dogs presents as fear-based so with time/training her reaction could be much improved. She has not yet met young children.

Because of her nervousness with other dogs, Bailey will be best suited to a family where she does not share space and any children should be adolescent. She could adapt to apartment or condo living if her needs are met. This lovely girl will make an amazing companion for her forever family.

Bailey was lovingly fostered by Jenny