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Bailey is adopted

Sponsored by Tina & Susan. With much love for their 3 fur babies, and the 9 sweet souls who are waiting at the rainbow bridge.


Meet Bailey!!

This sweet little bundle of joy is a mere 8 months old BUT definitely has the spirit of an old soul. She wants nothing more than to be cuddled in your lap or nuzzled in your chest 24/7!!! Literally! She is very well behaved in her foster home, she is pretty quiet but will whine when she is not with her foster mom.

She does not know how to use stairs yet so will need help with that. For now she is pee pad trained but will have the odd accident. She gets along well with her foster brothers and sisters and even tries to flirt with them sometimes. Her energy level is low to medium and would do best in a home where she can just spend her hours cuddling and sleeping. This little Velcro strip just wants to give and receive love alllllllll day long and she will melt your heart with her sweetness.

Bailey was loving fostered by Paulina