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Bailey has been adopted.


Please meet our pretty princess Bailey! Simply put, Bailey is everything you could want in a girl. She is sweet, dainty, funny and affectionate. She is great with men, women and children and loves to be around other dogs. She makes friends quickly and is extremely loyal!

Everyone who meets Bailey quickly falls in love with her, and who can blame them? She is polite, obviously beautiful and lures everyone in with her yellow-rimmed, soulful eyes. One look from Bailey and you will be hooked! Bailey is a happy, healthy, adorable girl. She enjoys calm surroundings and can be shy at first, but warms up to strangers nicely in her own time. For this reason, we are looking for a quiet home for our special girl. Transitioning homes is never easy, so we want to make sure that she is comfortable and at ease!

Once Bailey feels at home, she is a complete love bug. Our little lady is very much a daddy’s girl, and loves to snuggle with her foster papa. When he comes home from work, Bailey prances and dances in a circle; eager to tell him all about her day. You could say she loves him almost as much as she loves treats, which is a lot!

House-trained, Bailey has no issues indoors and loves her yard! Her favourite season is summer, when she gets to lay out on her deck and sunbathe. She is also a big fan of sleeping in well into the morning, covered in a thousand blankets! Bailey is a very easy-going girl who enjoys the simple things in life, and would make a great companion to someone who likes to take part in the same activities.

Now that the weather has gotten a little cooler, Bailey has found that she is not so much a fan of winter. That being said, she has been very accepting of her new sweaters and coats and does not put up a fuss when asked to put them on. What can we say? She loves fashion, fun, food and friends! Despite the weather, Bailey is still going on walks, although she can sometimes be distracted by all the sights and smells going on!

This is why Bailey is currently in training with her foster mama. Because she can be reactive to other dogs and people on leash, a home with children over the age of 10 would be most responsible. Bailey is otherwise a very easy dog.  We know that our girl has the potential to be as close to perfect as possible and we want to give her the tools to become the dog we know she can be! Bailey is doing very well in doggy daycare, and has made quite a few friends and fans.

If Bailey were to describe her perfect family home, we think it would be one wherein she could have a canine playmate, and a mom or dad who loves to snuggle. Bailey is very appreciative of her people and after dinner likes to take it easy, watch a film with her family on the couch and give her people kisses. That’s it!


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