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Baby has been adopted!

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Baby is a 9 lb, 9 year old white Shih Tzu; who came into my care as an owner surrender because her best friend was admitted into a long-term residence! She was shy and withdrawn. It took two weeks before Baby showed any signs of warming up to me, and even then, she backed away from my hand! It was almost like she was afraid I was going to hit her or grab her! She has now been with me a month and she has settled in nicely! Baby doesn’t like to have your face or your hand to close to her face but that could be because her teeth are in very bad shape and she’s hurting.

Baby is food picky; she was fed people food most of her life so transitioning her to dog food has not been easy. Because of her teeth, only soft food is best for her. I have softened kibble and tried beef broth to make it a little tastier but she wouldn’t have anything to do with it. I will also mix some of her food with white rice. Even doing this, it takes her a while to eat it, as it’s not what she wants or what she’s used to.

Baby is house trained and she actually sneezes at you to get your attention. If you ask her if she has to go pee or go out, she will definitely let you know, as she will come to you, get excited and run to the door! Baby seems to only use pee pads if I’m not home, otherwise, she ignores them because she knows you’re there to take her out! Baby is NOT a fan of winter (snow or cold). You need to find a spot where it’s grassy or very little snow, which hasn’t been easy. I don’t believe that old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!” Baby may be 9 yrs old but she’s definitely smart enough to learn new things!

In short; Baby is a very sweet and loving older pup. She wants to trust and get close but it takes her a while to warm up. Being alone with one person for 9 years, it’s not easy for her to get to know anyone else. Baby loves people and wags her tail when she sees anyone coming her way. She also doesn’t bark; something I’m sure she learned from her owner. She’s quiet and if wants something from you, she will whine instead. It’s hard to ignore, as she’s so cute when she wants your attention. Baby has dental surgery coming up in May, plus she has a dangling cyst which needs to be removed from her head! She will take a week or so to recover.

Baby was lovingly fostered by Lynda