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Baby has been adopted!

Sponsored by Dan and Katrina, in memory of Lykon


This is Baby, a busy and somewhat rambunctious little girl who loves to cuddle, play and go for walks. Baby will make the ideal companion for the right person or family.

Baby is a Dachshund Chihuahua mix, weighing 12 lbs and is in very good health. She is spayed and her rabies immunizations is current. She is a muscular little girl who does love her meals and treats, and anyone else’s if she can get it! Baby fully house trained. She is prone to barking at new people or noises, bur is otherwise quiet.

This sweet little girl comes to us from Boone County Animal Shelter in Kentucky. Her elderly owner was no longer able to care for and surrendered her to the shelter before coming to us. She was not socialized with other dogs or with people, nor it seems with walking outdoors. New situations tend to stress Baby out. In these situations, she puddles down, wraps her tail around her bum and tightens into a tight ball. Gentle words, some petting and treats of course, work wonders to gain her cooperation. She has been in her foster home 3 months and has totally turned around.

Baby currently lives with her foster mom, three dogs and 2 cats. She loves to be with her foster mom and follows her from room to room. She now gets along extremely well with everyone. Respecting the other dogs and backing away upon their signal that she is a little over the top at the moment! She is no longer fearful of the cats and will chase them to play; however, they are not impressed! She now plays tug of war with her older foster sibling and they all play tag and race about. She especially loves to play fetch and tug of war and go for walks. She is fearful of encountering people and is prone to bark at them. She loves to cuddle and have bell rubs.

She loves sleeping on the couch, especially if mom is there and the fluffy chenille blanket is down! When she needs some alone time, she goes to her favourite bed to chill. At night she likes to sleep in her foster mom’s bed under the comforter! She was lacking in a knowledge of or exposure to basic behaviors, but has come a long way to understanding these, especially the word No or leave it! She now walks very well with leash and harness and very much enjoys these times.

Baby is extremely intelligent and learns very quickly. Baby would greatly benefit from going to formal training with her new forever family. A fenced yard is a must, if living in a house, as she is very quick. A mature and quieter home is best suited as too much activity overwhelms her and she tends to be a bit aggressive. Her humans must be able to provide gentle but firm guidance and continue the oversight to help her in continuing her positive progression.

Baby has been a challenge to foster but also a joy as she moves forward in a positive manner. I know she will bring the same happiness to her forever family.


Baby was lovingly fostered by Jackie