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Babe has been adopted!

Sponsored by Jeremy, Kate and Allie Kopplin in loving memory of our sweet pup Hershey.


Babe is currently in rehab awaiting dental work and as we clear up a skin issue

Babe is a sweet older beagle who has had a difficult life. She was a breeding dog and has had many litters. Babe would love nothing more than to have a cosy pillow to rest on, a safely fenced backyard to explore and some humans to spoil her.

She has a lovely temperament and seems to get along well with people and other dogs extremely well.  So far she has ignored the cats in her foster home.  She’s a gentle girl who follows her nose in typical beagle fashion. She does pull on walks. A harness is recommended.

Babe does not appear to know any basic commands but usually comes when she is called and responds well to being redirected.  She would love to be a counter surfer but luckily she’s just a little too short!  She does jump up on people but slowly and gently when she is looking for pats. She is well on her way to being house trained.

Please let us know if you think you might be the perfect retirement home for Babe.

Babe was lovingly fostered by Tania M.