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Baba has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of my sweet boy Buddy who left us August 2020…now runs free in heavenly fields.❤



Update – Baba is now ready to be adopted. His dental was successful and his health is good. Please note Baba requires an experienced dog owner. Moreover, he has been showing some improvement with his guarding issues. He requires an owner that will give him the compassion, time, and care that he truly deserves. He needs patience and love to help him overcome some of his fears. Nevertheless, Baba is a loving and cuddly little boy. His favourite place in the world is to be in his foster mom’s arms or on her lap. He loves to give kisses and get his belly rubbed. He is now going for daily walks. Baba is on a balanced, healthy diet and is losing weight. He was obese when he first arrived in foster care. He gets around a lot better now that he is active and not overeating. Please read Baba’s original bio to learn more about this special boy


Meet Baba! He is a loving, cuddly, and fiesty little boy. Baba came into our care several weeks ago, after his owner left the country. We know very little about Baba’s past; however, we do know he has lived a very sheltered life up to this point. He has limited experience in the outside world. Due to this fact, he can be fearful of new people, animals, and noises. He will bark outside and wants to be comforted by his foster mom. We believe going for walks is a new activity for Baba. He is going for one short walk per day. Unfortunately, due to his weight, he gets out of breath easily and typically wants to be carried most of the walk. We are trying to slowly ease him into more outdoor activities, and increase his comfort level.

Previously, Baba spent a lot of time alone in his dog carrier. So far, he has not shown any signs of separation anxiety in this foster home. He will typically wait at the front door until his foster mom returns home. Baba is pee pad trained. He has not learnt how to hold his pee, so he pees frequently on his pads. We are trying to teach him housetraining skills, and he will pee outside in the yard; however, he still uses his pads frequently. Baba is looking for a family that is home the majority of the time. (even after the pandemic)

Baba is a resource guarder, and needs an experienced owner that will not be fearful of this behaviour. He will guard the couch, human bed or his foster mom. We are trying to change this behaviour by being firm with him. He will temporarily lose his couch privileges when he starts to guard. We give him a firm “no” and tell him to go to his bed. He listens very well, and is a very smart boy. Baba needs a home with no other animals. He has never lived with another dog, and does not like to share his humans. He gets jealous very easily. When Baba first arrived, he would often have “temper tantrums” when he didn’t get his way. For example, if I refused to pick him up or let him on the couch, he became quite upset. He’s gotten better over time, and these tantrums are becoming less frequent. Due to Baba’s guarding issues, he is looking for a family without children.

Baba is a super cuddly boy. His favourite place is in his foster mom’s arms or on her lap. He loves attention, and is looking for a family that will provide him with the love he truly deserves. He sleeps soundly all night on his foster mom’s bed. He wakes between 7:30 -8:00 am every morning. The morning is his best time. He loves to play with his foster mom in the morning. His favourite thing is chasing her around the house, and pouncing on her toes. Baba has a good appetite. Nevertheless, he does need to lose some weight. He is very overweight for a teacup yorkie.

Baba is excellent in the car. He loves his carrier and travels well in it. For a yorkie, he is not an excessive barker. He will bark when his foster mom leaves the house, when she comes home, and if he thinks someone is at the door. Otherwise, he’s really good. Baba is currently recovering from a bout of Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis. He is doing much better, but still needs some time to heal. Baba will become available for adoption once he’s feeling better, and after he has a dental done. Otherwise, Baba is in good health.

Baba was lovingly fostered by Natalie