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Axel has been adopted!

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Meet Axel. This big fluffy love bug is just too cute for words.

Axel is a husky/shepherd northern mix, somewhere around 1-2 years old and 26kg (57lbs). He came down to Southern Ontario from a community in Northern Ontario after being hit by a car. He fractured his pelvis and is currently resting and healing. The vets are confident that with bed rest and time he will heal to almost normal. There is potential that he will have some pain and arthritis as he gets older, but the vets are confident that he’ll be able to live a long and happy life.

He is all things puppy. He grew up as a street dog, so he has spent the past few weeks learning how to live in a house and figure out the rules. As with most husky’s, Axel is incredibly intelligent. He is learning all the rules and adapting to a house so fast and smoothly. He is food motivated and will do just about anything for food. He was food guarding when he first arrived, but that has since basically disappeared with time. He is young, smart and eager. With a little bit of time and some training he will settle into a wonderful life.

Axel is very typical husky. He is vocal, high energy and intelligent. He needs a family who can keep him structured, keep his mind active and able to help him show the proper behaviour. He is currently a chewer and is working on making sure he only chews what he is supposed to. Anything he can reach is fair game for him to steal. He loves to take shoes and deposit them around the house. He wants to play and run and be a silly wild puppy, unfortunately his injuries have left him with limited freedoms while he’s healing. We are hoping a few more weeks he will be free to run and play as he wishes.

His high prey drive makes the backyard squirrels a fun thing to stalk. Since he is still healing, he hasn’t been allowed to run free in the yard. But we can assume he will chase anything that moves and is stubborn enough that his recall might not be the best. He has walked around the block and his leash skills need work. He pulls, barks at other dogs and wants to chase anything that moves. He is terrified of catch basin grills and insists on making a very wide circle around them.

Axel loves people SO much, especially the kids in the house. He sees kids as friends and playmates. He loves to snuggle and be with people. He has adapted well to living in a home and having a warm comfy place to sleep with regular meals. He has settled in well with his new norm.

There are 2 small dogs in the foster home, and he has easily gotten along with them. He took a minute to figure out the littlest one was a dog and not something he should chase. He has also been around dogs his size and has done well with them. He’s not alpha type, but also won’t be pushed around.

Axel would do best in a home that is fenced to stop him when he chases the squirrels in the yard. He needs a lot of mental and physical activity to keep him entertained and out of trouble. He would do best in a family situation where he can have playmates and let his happy goofy self out. Someone with a larger breed experience would be best since he needs a strong leader. He is very energetic but so sweet and lovable.