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Avery has been adopted!

Sponsored by Adrian, in memory of my beloved diva Ashley who started me down the rescue road


Avery is a beautiful brown eyes beagle girl that was a bit shy when she first arrived in her foster home. It took a her a couple days to come out of her shell and realize she was in a safe place. She has been through quite a bit of change lately so we can’t blame her for being a bit reserved at first.

Avery was surrendered to a shelter when her parents got divorced. Like for many dogs, shelter life was a bit overwhelming for this sweetie and luckily the rescue coordinator at the shelter knew she would blossom in a foster environment. One look into Avery’s beautiful brown puppy eyes was all it took for her foster parents to know she needed saving and to be a part of Save Me.

Avery didn’t show any interest in toys when she first arrived but recently has shown interest. She loves when her foster parents play with her toys with her and she enjoys being chased. Her eyes light up when playing with her foster parents and she gives kisses in appreciation. She really enjoys being around her people and misses her people when left alone. She will bring your shoes to her bed and sleep with them to feel close to you. She enjoys sharing the bed with her foster parents and would love to continue to provide some warmth to her forever family while sleeping in their bed. She may even snore along with you!

Avery loves her long walks and generally walks well with a harness. She does bark at other dogs while walking and will need someone who is committed to work on this with her.

Although she is a pretty calm dog, she still has enough energy for a good walk followed by a run in the backyard if her foster parents chase her.

Avery would do best as the only dog in the house. Although she is being fostered with two calm dogs, she does react to dogs on leash and needs slow and proper introductions to dogs so she can realize they are not a threat. It can take a while for her to feel comfortable and accept them so a home a home where she can be the centre of attention is ideal. Due to Avery’s reserved personality and needing time to feel comfortable around people, a quiet home with older (teenage) children would be best. Someone home most of the day would also be ideal as she does really enjoy being next to her people and feels most confident with her people around. Avery requires a home with a fenced in backyard and would not do well in a condo or apartment as she does have a beagle bark that she likes to use on occasion!

Avery appears to be housetrained as she has had no accidents in the house since arriving and she seems to know to do her business when let in the backyard.

Avery is a true gem with puppy like eyes and has lots of love to give her people.


Avery was lovingly fostered by Susan and Martin.