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Ashley is a lovely, sweet miniature poodle who was surrendered to a shelter in Ohio by her previous owners.  Although we do not know the reason that Ashley was surrendered, unfortunately what we do know is that due to her age, in conjunction with requiring dental surgery for a tooth  disease, her chances for adoption at the shelter were very slim, at best.

However, and very fortunately for Ashley, her luck took a turn for the best when Save Me Dog Rescue was alerted to Ashley’s desperate situation. Little did she know that her future foster parents were ready and waiting to give this little lady a second chance at her forever happy ending, and to top it all off, the rescue would take care of any and all vetting she required.

So what can we say about Ashley? Well for starters; she’s a perfect little companion dog who would love nothing more than to spend the rest of her retirement years snuggled up beside her family and enjoying the great outdoors.Ashley is an ideal ‘take along’ dog as she is perfect and happy to tag alongside her parents when visiting family and friends or just travelling in the car for a ride. As long as she is with her people, she is at her utmost content.

Though you would not assume so by looking at her photos, Ashley is considered ‘obese’ according to her vet, so she will require a special senior’s diet to help her lose a bit of weight. She also has what the vet called a minor collapsed trachea, which is quite common in poodles. The good news however, is that he is not overly concerned about it. Due to the combination of both the excess weight and trachea, this does tend to cause some difficulty with her breathing.  However, her doctor has said that it will undoubtedly improve when she loses weight.

Ashley is perfect with regards to housetraining, leaving no accidents inside the house to date! This is especially impressive for a rescue dog with an unknown past.  Ashley does love food and will make it quite clear when she’s hungry, so her foster parents warn; be prepared for Ashley antics! This could include (but is not limited to) her two paws in the air and/or pawing at her food dish and using vocal sounds to draw your attention to what Ashely would consider ‘neglect!’  (We’re kidding of course.) Ashley will require positive reinforcement when it comes to feedings and someone who can resist her sad, sweet face along with pleas for food of both the dog and human variety.

It’s obvious that our beautiful girl was well loved at one time. While Ashley does have some very mild anxiety sometimes, it is not always. However at times when her parents will leave the home, Ashley may cry and/or whine, but is learning to trust that her family will be back for her.She is not destructive and does not need to be crated, thus can be trusted in that respect. Whether this is due to the instability in her life right now and losing her previous home after being uprooted and so many changes in her life, we can’t be sure. We do not know if she had any issues before coming into rescue, or if this behaviour is new.

What we do know, and Ashley is telling us is, that she would be happiest in a quiet home where someone can be with her during the day, either a retired couple or person(s) or someone who works from home. At this time, we do not feel as though Ashley is suitable for living in apartments or condos. Ashley is great with dogs, cats and kids too – for grandparents who might have grandchildren who visit.  A home with calmer, more mature dogs like herself would just be the cat’s meow for this mature lady, but not a necessity. For sweet Ashley, as long as she her person, she has everything.


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