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Ashleigh has been adopted!

Sponsored by Margaret and Doug and their dog Riley​


Meet Ashleigh

Ashleigh is a petite yorkie mix who was rescued from a puppy mill during a raid in rural Ohio. She was rescued along with 28 other dogs.

Ashleigh is a dog who will want to be close with her people. She paces and frets when she cannot see her owners, but relaxes when they’re in sight. She can be crated for a work day, but does bark for a while before she settles in. This may fade with time, everything is still so new to her, once a routing is established and she knows that you will come back.

Ashleigh is picking up really well on her house training and that’s amazing. She does her business outside but it requires some understanding that she is fearful you will leave her, so it takes her a few minutes to settle and get the job done. She is good in her crate as far as accidents go.

Her ideal family would be one that is retired or semi retired, people who can spend time with her. She is a clingy and wants to be with you as much as possible, so that would be something to keep in mind if you prefer an independent dog. She will also need a home that is understanding of her mill history and has the patience to help her be more independent.

We feel she would do best without another dog in the house, as she can get jealous of others trying to get in on the attention. However, if there is an existing dog, this will require experience on how to help her cope. She tolerates smaller dogs, more so then larger dogs. This is something we can chat about during screening.

Ashleigh likes older kids who can appreciate she’s just learning and can move slow with her at first.

She gets along very playfully with the foster home cat! The two of them play and chase each other around like they’re playing tag.

She is a sweet girl who is looking for a mom or dad to idolize and love. Given the conditions in which this girl came from, she is settling in really well and is a real little love bug. Watching her learn to play is heart melting.


Ashleigh was lovingly fostered by April B.