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Arthur has been adopted!

Sponsored by Natalie In memory of her favourite boys Jessi and Cooper. Miss you always.


Meet Arthur, a very beautiful soul who had an unfortunately ugly beginning in life.

This 4 year old, 60 pound Anatolian Shepherd was found abandoned several months ago in the ditch of a Kentucky roadside, presumably left to die. Severe malnutrition and mange left Arthur emaciated and hairless – unrecognizable from his current healthy, hairy self. Kindness and proper care have nursed this sweet, loving boy back to health; he now sports a handsome Shepherd coat and an ideal body weight.

Arthur was a beloved celebrity in his hometown, for all the wrong reasons. His story captured thousands of hearts; now, he hopes to catch yours! Are you a gentle, patient person looking to add a permanent canine member to the family? If so, you may be the one Arthur is looking for! He is looking for a person, couple, or family to play with, cuddle, and cherish for the rest of his life. He has been through a lot in his short time on Earth so far, and needs a home that can commit to him and show him the stability he deserves.

Arthur really wants to be involved! If you’re going somewhere (even just the bathroom), he will offer himself as your escort. He is respectful of your space and settles quickly, but he definitely wants to be included. Homes with a ‘no dogs in the bedroom’ or ‘no dogs on the couch’ policy may not be suitable for this cuddlemuffin. His favourite activities include indulging in his Star Wars chew toy, snoozing at your feet, and making the cutest darn head tilt you’ve ever seen.

Other than some occasional pulling (towards something he deems captivating), Arthur walks relatively well on a leash and looks quite forward to sniffing all the shrubs on a neighbourhood stroll.

Arthur is good with other dogs, and curious but respectful with cats. He can be a little shy with new people, but there does not appear to be an ounce of aggression within him. While Arthur would be perfectly fine around children, his new family would preferably be without younger, rambunctious children that may contribute to a more stressful environment than is ideal for him.

If you think you may be the perfect match for Arthur, please let us know! He awaits his furever family.

Arthur was lovingly fostered by Carleigh