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Arlo has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Theo


Meet Arlo…..a nine month short haired German pointer. He has been with the foster for approximately a month and has settled in beautifully. He was slightly underweight but has steadily put on the pounds and although he is lean and could do with another 4 or 5 lbs his overall health is excellent. He has been assessed by the vet, has received all his necessary vaccines and will be neutered May 31th. Assuming all continues to go well he can go to his forever family by June 4th.

Arlo is a very energetic, happy puppy who loves to play with his toys, chase after and fetch his ball and Frisbee, go for car rides and cuddle with his humans. He is a curious little guy, making sure to check out whatever is going on from helping to dig holes for the new patio, clearing up all the sticks on the ground to checking out who’s walking down the street, He has recently discover all the fun to be had at the cottage, playing at the beach, chasing the squirrels and birds, going for long walks down the cottage road and sleeping in the sunshine on a lazy afternoon.

Arlo has had limited experiences prior to going into foster care and can be hesitant in new situations and when meeting new people. With support and encouragement he quickly adapts and readily goes to his new friends especially if they have a treat or two. He attaches well and wants to be with his person as much as possible and follows them around much like a little shadow. He is crate trained and with a treat goes in with readily. He generally sleeps through the night with no difficulties.

Arlo learns quickly and will now come, sit, stay, wait, leave it and has almost got the skill of heeling. He is very treat oriented and responds well to new trainings so puppy school would likely be a positive experience for him

Arlo would do well in a household where he can enjoy the outdoors, with an active family who wants to train and grow with an older pup. This is a puppy who will be a wonderful addition to a family.

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Arlo was lovingly fostered by Sandi