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Aria is adopted


Now 25/17….Hi everyone !  Aria here…..I am feeling so much better and really love my foster mum.  I now get very excited when she comes home from errands, and let her know with saying “woo…woooo” !  I really love to be picked up and held in her lap…I even fall asleep there !  And boy do I love to eat !  I’ve even now realized that treats like liver bits  are yummy and love being part of the pack when we all let her know it’s time for our treats !  .  We all eat our meals twice a day and totally clean up our dishes.
I don’t feel one bit disadvantaged and sure would love a home of my own where I could be the centre of my family’s world…..but would also be willing to share that with another friendly furry friend.  It had been a long time since I had felt a loving ,caring hand….and just know that I could make you oh so happy that you would take a chance on me.. .Won’t you give me a chance to be your best friend….?
Oct.27/17…..Little Aria is coming along well ! She’s as cute as a button ! Her gums are nice and pink with the good food she’s been getting..and we have cleared up her chest cold and dry eyes ! She loves her food, sleeps very well and really enjoys being in the yard. She does follow the other dogs….and has become quite a cuddler with me . Aria is not blind..she has limited vision..she can see to follow me and the dogs around…and she has never run into anything in the house or yard. And she is house trained –no mistakes at all !
I think she would be fine with another dog..or even without…as long as she can be around people who are patient as she learns what you are expecting of her…as with any new pet.  I believe Areia is somewhat deaf..however it doesn’t seem to affect her..other than calling her..when you have to touch her gently….to go out or whatever you need ! So she would always have to be on a leash outside of a secure yard…because she could not hear you calling her if she wandered off. I believe that that’s why she was a stray for so long…..she probably went for a stroll and got lost..not being able to hear anyone calling for her…..Not sure why she is deaf–her ears look clean and have been examined. . She is a relatively young girl.-maybe around 7 ? .not a senior…and just wants a safe and loving home where she can be spoiled and enjoyed. She is as cute as can be !
Aria is a quiet and loving girl who just soaks up all the love you can give her. She is looking for a warm cozy lap to enjoy a quiet afternoon nap.
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