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Archie has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Peanut and Oz


World, meet Archie!

Archie is a very special boy. He is sweet and gentle and follows our own dog everywhere she goes. He feels safe with a calm, confident companion. Archie will be best with a confident, laid back sibling. He likes adults after some time and will warm up to a
laid back dogs quickly. Archie is very nervous of kids and will need a child free home. His best home will be one that is very training savvy and has experience with fearful dogs. They will understand that he will need time to warm up and feel safe.

Archie loves to dig. A family with a prize winning begonia garden may not be the right fit for this boy, but someone who understands a home is for making messes and memories is!

Archie loves his meals and gets VERY excited. He gobbles up his kibbles so quickly and will likely need help slowing down with a slow feeding bowl or enrichment toys! He also LOVES his walks and will stop and sniff anything and everything. He has some fears with walks (bikes, fire hydrants etc) but with encouragement, patience and treats he will overcome his fears.

Archie LOVES being outside and will need space! He is a large puppy that is going to be a large adult! He is not an apartment sort of dog and will need a large fenced yard and a family that loves to stay active. He will also have grooming needs so a family that understands there will be a cost to up keeping his coat is very important.

Archie has had been dewormed and had his first and second vaccines. He was shy at the vet will need lots of reassurance and treats to help him feel safe.

Archie is a very special puppy and looking for his perfect forever. Could that be you?