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Save Me remembers Archie

Archie is welcomed to Save Me through the generous donations to the Marilyne Ellis Memorial Fund for Senior Dog


Archibald, or Archie for short, has been quite the sweetheart since he’s arrived here!

Archie was saved from a rescue in Kentucky a few months ago and was treated for heartworm. He handled the treatment really well, so he was cleared and arrived in Canada to join his foster home!

Archie is blind and hearing impaired, but that doesn’t stop him! He’s adapted quite well to his surroundings so far – he can go up and down the stairs to get in/out of the house, he’s constantly exploring and looking for all the head scratches!

He has that cheeky beagle side that pops out every so often to steal blankets off the couch or attempt to get extra dinner! He just loves to suck on his bed or the blankets in his crate.

He’s been going out for short walks, about 10 minutes long, just to get out of the backyard for a bit. Because of his vision impairment and his beagle instincts, it’s not the quickest walk because he’s constantly smelling everything on route and figuring out the lay of the land.

He hasn’t had any accidents in the house, so I would say he’s housetrained, but because he can’t really figure out how to tell you he needs out, I just make sure to take him out every 4 hours during the day to go to the bathroom. As soon as he realizes he’s on the grass, he knows that he can go to the bathroom. He’s also been able to hold it in overnight without any issue.

He’s also very quiet, as he’s never let out a bark yet! The most I’ve heard from him are some excited whines when he gets out of his crate in the morning.

Any time he needs to be left alone, or while we’re sleeping overnight, Archie goes into his crate. He doesn’t make a peep and cozies in there until he can be let out again. He actually really enjoys having the crate as his safe space and will bunker down in there during the day as well when he wants to take a nap. He would probably be fine to be left out during the day if you need to make a quick trip, but you would just want to make sure the space you leave him in is safe for him to wander around in.

He currently lives with his foster sister with no issue at all, so I think he would be fine in a house with another dog or cat.

Archie has a collapsing trachea, which doesn’t cause him any issue, he just sometimes has a bit of a cough when he overdoes it – like when he gobbles up his food to fast or overdoes it on the stairs. He’s also been taking Tri-Acta, which you can buy at many pet supply stores. Since he is a senior, he has some stiffness in his back legs, so this is to support him as he gets older.

Archie is good with a few stairs, but I would recommend a space with as little stairs as possible. A single level home or an apartment/ condo with an elevator would work great for him!

Archie is a really sweet dog, who gets the biggest smile on his face when he’s being petted! He just wants a forever home that will give him a comfy place to sleep and a lot of love!