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Archie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Toba, in honour of Toby, Riley and Penny. Every furbaby deserves a loving home and happiness.



Archie is a 10.75 lb., 9-year-old male Min Pin mix coming to us from a Quebec shelter to which his second owner of six months surrendered him. His first owner kept him in the house, only taking him out a few times to do his business. Otherwise, he was kept indoors where he lived with 3 cats and his owner. He is mostly house trained, but when he wakes up, he has to go when his feet touch the floor. Archie stresses when crated and he barks nonstop.

He has the typical black and tan coloring of the Min Pin. He is neutered and his vaccinations are current. Save Me Dog Rescue has had a full physical workup done which indicates he is in good health, as well as having his teeth cleaned. However, Archie has cataracts in both eyes and as a result is almost totally blind. He can distinguish shadows. He does have to have eyedrops several times a day going forward.
Nothing holds this brave little boy back! It does not take him long to understand the physical set up of his surroundings and maneuvers small sets of steps, both up and down, very well. He hops on and off the couch with no issue and no help. Initially he did bump into walls but after a couple of days he bumped into nothing. His hearing is extremely strong and you cannot sneak anything past him!

He is a sweet, gentle and happy boy who wants love and affection. Archie is a snuggly cuddle bug who loves curling up right beside his human – day or night. He wraps himself in a fuzzy blanket and settles down for a nap but pops his head out with any movement or noise to see what is going on. He is prone to separation anxiety.

He is a barker but is learning to control this. Min Pins are inherent protectors of their human and barking is a protection tool. His blindness causes him to bark as he doesn’t know what is going on. New people cause him to bark as well. Once they pet him, or give him a treat or cuddle him, he will settle down.

He gets along well with other dogs. He doesn’t play with them, I don’t believe he knows how to, but is not aggressive at all. He is definitely fearful of cats and will not cross their path but again is not aggressive with them, he avoids them.

He eats well and loves treats of all kinds. He is respectful of the other dogs and does not take their meals or treats. Archie knows his name and always comes to you when you call him. He loves being outside, sniffing and rolling in the grass. He is learning to play with toys and loves to shake the squeaky ones. He shakes them so vigorously they fly across the room. He loves being with his human the most.

Archie’s forever home should have no access to full flights of stairs. A fully fenced back yard to keep him safe. A canine sibling would be nice but not a necessity as he is quite happy with all the attention. Otherwise, his needs are simple: patience, love, cuddles, food, treats, treats and oh yes treats!

This boy will be a welcome addition to any family. He really just wants to be loved. With patience, love and security Archie will settle into the sweet, amazing boy he is!

Archie was lovingly fostered by Jackie