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Archie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Erin, and her fur kids


Archie has big puppy dog eyes that are very easy to instantly fall in love with. He hasn’t had the easiest beginning as he is from a puppy mill but we will make sure the next chapter in his life is filled with love, security, a warm bed and some good food and treats to fill his belly.

Archie is generally low energy but being from a puppy mill he is rather unsure of his new surroundings and needs time to learn that humans are not scary. He will need a patient home to help build his confidence and the help him learn to trust. Although he has had a sad life to start, his foster mom is helping him learn new things and life can be good.

Archie walks really well on a leash and does his business which is a not common for puppy mill dogs. It just shows he is a very smart boy. Although he is smart, he doesn’t know any basic commands so it will be beneficial for him and his future family to complete some basic training with him.

Not surprisingly, he does not like to be crated as he probably spent a lot of time in one during his life at a puppy mill but he will go in.

There will be plenty of time for affection once Archie is rehabilitated, but in the meantime his family will need to focus on exercise and discipline, with plenty of “No touch, no talk, no eye contact.” Archie is a dog that was never allowed to be a dog, and that needs to learn how. With the help of a calm environment and the creation of rules, boundaries, and limitations, it can be done. Just remember that it will take consistency and a lot of patience, but the end result will be more than worth it. After 2 weeks with his foster family, Archie has improved a lot. He looks for his foster mom when she comes home and looks to be rewarded with a treat after doing his business (or he will let you know if you forget by barking at you)!

Archie’s ideal home is a family that is home most of the day, a generally quiet home and a family that loves to walk as Archie quite enjoys multiple walks during the day to do his business. A home with other confident pets for him to follow and learn from would be ideal. Because Archie is rather scared and needs to build trust a home without young children around would be best. Many things are new to Archie including stairs so a home with minimal stairs or someone willing to carry him up and down until he learns how is required. A condo or apartment are not suitable for Archie. He needs a yard and a secure fence.


Archie was lovingly fostered by Uyen