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Archey has been adopted!

Sponsored by Mandy and Pedro, in celebration of their upcoming wedding.


My foster mom says that my ears make her laugh and smile as they are a little unpredictable.  One minute both are up, then one is up and one is down then both are down.   I am not sure what she is talking about but it makes my tail wag when she laughs, smiles and talks to me.

At one point in my life everything was good, I lived with other dogs and I was part of a family;  then my person became ill and had to go into a nursing home.  I was left alone in my home with my other furry siblings for quite some time and people would come in once a day to feed us.  I am hoping that is all behind me now as I wait for a forever home where I can be part of a family again.

My foster mom says I am a little nervous in new situations; but that it is understandable after all that I have gone through.    During walks, I have not experienced people on bicycles or children skateboarding past me and I will freeze and my foster mom had to talk me through these instances…she says I am doing much better though. Foster mom has said that I have graduated from a crate and I am now in the laundry room in my dog bed.  I must say that this pleases me very much!  I have missed the contact of people in the last few months that I was so used to having all of the time; however, I am independent and I am not under your feet all of the time.  My foster mom said that I would probably do best in a home where someone is not away at work everyday and   with children over 12 years of age (due to young kids activity level).

I have another dog in my foster home.  He is a small guy that welcomed me and is showing me the ropes.  He has been very relaxed and welcoming. I have tried to instigate a little play with him, however, he is a little older than me and he doesn’t seem to want to play with me yet….foster mom says to be patient and this may come.   I have finally starting playing on my own, foster mom pretends to chase me and I love it.  My energy level is low and my foster mom says I am a calm boy.

I enjoy walks and I am great on a leash.  I don’t currently know any commands  and foster mom says that I would benefit from some training that would also help build my confidence level up.  I have a great appetite and I loves treats too.  At night I sleep all through the night and I was pretty insistent that I sleep on my person’s bed; however, foster mom put a nice cozy chair and blankets close to her bed and I am happy to stay there all night long.  I love to cuddle on the couch with my people when they watch T.V. and I have not had any accidents while I have been in foster care.  I also travel really good in the car.


Archey was lovingly fostered by Robin