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Annie has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Katie, Leom and Declan’s Dad, Dave.


Annie super chill, super sweet girl. She loves people and will say hi to everyone. Annie has fit in to her foster home well. She is living with two cats, a dog and a people. Annie is great with the cats. She has never chased them or showed much interest in them. In fact both cats have given Annie a few lefts and rights to the face, Annie simply looks at them and walks away. She gets along with the resident dog however; she is not interested in interactive play or rough housing and would do best in a home without another dog.

Annie’s favorite past time is laying outside watching the treetops, looking for the squirrels and other critters that may be hanging out up there. She doesn’t bark, just watches and looks for opportunities to chase them. She currently goes for a morning and an evening walk and loves them. She walks very well on a leash. She is learning to wait at corners before crossing the street and passes other dogs, kids, bikes etc. very well. She is happy to say hi to people on her walks and has greeted other dogs well, often showing disinterest in the dogs.

If she is not outside you can find her inside snuggled up in her bed. She is fully house trained and a great house guest. She has free roam in her foster home while the people is at work and does not get into any shenanigans or chew anything she should not. Annie did not know how to use the stairs when she first came to foster care but learned quickly once she was comfortable.

Annie would be a good fit in just about any home (children 10 and over would be best). She is really low key and happy to amuse herself or sit for pats and rubs.



Annie was lovingly fostered by Andrea