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Annie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Roz B. In memory of Elder and in honour of April and her very big heart.


Annie is coming along wonderfully and has lost weight and is more active. She has also been put on a special joint/mobility diet which has given her the boost to go up the 4 stairs!! Yay Annie. She absolutely loves to be outside exploring or basking in the sunshine. This sweet girl has so much more life to live!


Meet Annie, a sweet senior who loves everyone. When she is not catching up on her beauty sleep, she has her spurts of energy where she likes to play and is especially fond of the cat who loves to tease her. Annie will bark when excited or feels she needs to be heard but is not excessive. She loves to be outside and going for short walks and is fully house broken and can be left free in the home where she will snooze her time away waiting for your return.

Being a 13yr old gal, she does have significant arthritis in her back, hips and knees which is being managed and she is comfortable with daily Metacam, She can go down a few stairs but can not go up, so a home with no or minimal stairs with someone to help her back up is ideal,

Annie does need to shed a few pounds which will also help relieve pressure on her joints.

Annie was lovingly foster (and adopted!) by April