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Anna is adopted!

Anna 1

Anna / Female / Spayed / Spaniel Beagle Mix / 5 years old / 17 lbs / In REHAB

Sweet Anna (Annie) arrived into rescue extremely thin and by the next day it became apparent that she was quite unwell.  A visit to the vet found our girl to be suffering from both a urinary tract infection and severe gastroenteritis.  Annie was not eating and had become slightly dehydrated and given her emaciated state she needed immediate intervention.  A number of injections and medications later and some fluids administered subcutaneously perked  her up and Annie is now eating small portions of food.  These issues should fully resolve within a few weeks.
Blood work was also done at this visit and it revealed a few issues that will take longer to resolve.  Annie is anemic most likely due to malnutrition and this has also affected her kidneys.  Given time, love, and good nutrition it is believed that both of these issues will normalize and not have any on going impact on her future health.  Once Annie achieves a healthy weight and normal blood work she will be needing some dentistry.
Annie was left in the drop box at a rural shelter in Ohio and was terrified while in the shelter.  She is a very loving girl who has bonded very quickly with her foster family and as she is not feeling well she seeks the comfort of being held and loves to cuddle and sleep on her people.  Annie is getting along very well with all of her canine foster siblings and as she improves and gains strength we hope to see more interaction.  At this time it is hard to judge what her energy level is like as she has been so ill and sleeping a lot.
As Annie improves this will be updated.  We are not accepting applications for Annie at this time.

For more information on her, please contact her foster mom Roz at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!