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Angelica has been adopted!

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UPDATE – May 15, 2018

This foster family can’t be more pleased with the continuing and amazing progress this beautiful and gentle puppy is making. She is now greeting the day with huge assertive moments of active love and demanding attention. Such a turn around from the timid and sad baby that she was.
She is beginning her leash training, which will need dedicated work, but as her confidence grows, so will her ability to learn. Her beginnings created such a set back for her, but as she demonstrates some naughty typical puppy behaviour, we know she will catch up to what is normal. She had to be shown how to be a dog by the dogs in her foster home. She gains much of her courage from them. There is such a spark behind her eyes now, as she tries to figure out her expanding boundaries. We are so happy.
She will be such a blessing to the person she bonds with. She will need a soft spoken and calm home. Her continuing growth is dependent on this. Whoever adopts her will be a very lucky person, because she is blossoming into a real beauty.
If there are any questions, we would be happy to answer them.

UPDATE – May 01, 2018

Although her current description is still applicable, Angelica is progressing very well with her socialization skills.
She responds very receptively to gentle tones, and has come to know many words. A very bright girl. She tries so hard to figure out the routine of the foster home, and looks for praise and encouragement along the way. She is always watching the dog in her foster home, for her cues and for confidence building. She shows new milestones every morning. Perhaps a well grounded and mature dog in an adoptive home would be an asset.
Such a gentle girl, that would be a perfect member in a home that would work patiently to help her blossom into the loyal and dedicated companion that she wants to be. A real lady!

April 2018

Angelica is a very shy and submissive young girl who has led a pretty sheltered life prior to coming into rescue. Angelica and four of her litter mates, her mom and dad, and another new litter of siblings, all lived in a hoarding home that the owners left almost a year ago. Thankfully the owner did go and feed them regularly, but that was all they did for them.

Having never been outside of her home, she has never met people or been outside, Angelica was basically feral. All of the dogs were taken into custody and as you can well imagine this was pretty traumatic for the dogs. Angelica and her siblings are very shutdown and very afraid of all the new changes in their lives.

When Angelica first arrived, she was very overwhelmed with the outdoors. The sounds and smells were all so new to her. It took 6 days for her to start doing her bathroom business out there, but since then has kept her crate clean! This in itself is pretty remarkable.

In her first week of care, she has learned to leash walk, has learned a few basic commands, can now make eye contact and allow petting and touching. These don’t sound like huge things, but to a dog who has never been around people before, she has come a long way in one week. She is still easily startled, and when becomes overwhelmed by her surroundings, tries to flee. However, she is now responding to gentle tone of voice and encouragement.

Angelica is a very smart girl who has a very bright future ahead of her. She’s adapting very quickly to a new lifestyle. She will remain in rehab as we work endlessly with her to overcome her fears and teach her what is expected of her within the home. We continue to encourage her to be brave as we guide her in the right direction.

We expect that her ideal home will be a quiet one. While we believe she would be very gentle with children, at this point we know their movements would be very frightening to her. Her perfect home would be one with experience in dealing with shut down dogs, to understand her limits and encourage her forward. She will need a fenced yard to exercise in, and it’s too early to say how she will adjust to sidewalk walking.

Angelica was lovingly fostered by Colleen and Fran