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Angel in rehab – Not Accepting Applications

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Watch Angel run and play in the snowy yard, click HERE  or HERE.

Angel has had quite a journey over the last year in our care. Shortly after she arrived, we realized that she was having some issues with her back end. She was showing classic symptoms of bilateral hip dysplasia. X-rays confirmed this and it was decided that Angel would see our orthopedic surgeon. She had surgery completed on her left hip and went through her recovery period along with several weeks of physiotherapy before she went back to have the other side done. She is now recovered and walking pain-free and loves nothing more than do start and end her day with zoomies around the yard.

She has also overcome quite a lot of fear and gained a lot of self-confidence. Sadly, Angel has not been treated well in her past. She is fearful of strangers and will require a home that can provide safety and understanding as she continues to learn that her past is far behind her.

When Angel is settled in and feeling safe with her family, she is very affectionate and wants to be wherever you are. She enjoys sitting nearby while you garden or relax on the deck. In the house, she prefers to be in the same room with you. She just truly loves to be right by your side. Loves to be petted and LOVES when you talk to her.

She is crate trained and prefers to be crated when her foster family is at work. She knows the routine of doing her outside business before heading into her crate with a cookie each morning before work or when her foster family needs to leave the home. At night she loves to sleep cuddled in bed with her foster parents.

She’s a good eater, is fully house trained and never gets into things. She listens well when you ask her to: come, sit or get down. She struggles with stay as she really seems afraid you will leave her. She’s nervous in the car. She’s quiet in the house, respectful, calm. Outside, she loves to run around the yard and be silly.

Why does Angel require a special type of home and family? Angel is fearful of strangers, more specifically in the home. She does not like strangers and is protective of this space. She becomes very stressed, vocal and reactive. To minimize her stress levels, it’s simply better crate her where she can enjoy a special treat and her own space when company comes to visit. It’s very apparent that her past life involved a woman who was not the most kind to her. She tends to react more to women than men.

Day to day, Angel is a wonderful companion and is very close with her foster family. She’s eager to please and enjoys praise. Moving slow and building trust with her is key to her bonding and feeling secure with her future family.

Angel’s ideal home :
– minimal visitors
– NO cats
– privacy fenced yard or rural location
– space to accommodate a crate

A few words from Angels foster mom:
If you have read this far into Angels bio it will be clear that our girls has her “quirks” (who doesn’t!). But what I want to make sure really comes across is how in the right environment, she is goofy, affectionate, playful and an absolute joy! We have fostered a lot of dogs over the last 7 years and she is one of the easiest fosters we have ever had. She is perfectly house trained, perfectly crate trained (runs right in when we say “home”), plays beautifully with our 2 dogs and is up for anything whether it be a quiet day on the couch or a big hike, she just loves to be included. Now you’ll notice I said in the right environment she is a dream…so what does the right environment look like? For us it’s a rural location, with minimal foot traffic. We have a set-up which supports her being separated if we have visitors as through trial and error we have discovered that is the what works best for her and my hope is to find an adoptive home which will duplicate our set-up therefore setting her up for success. If someone is willing to do that, they are going to be rewarded with one of the sweetest companion imaginable!

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** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only