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Andy has been adopted!

Sponsored by Maria A. and her beautiful rescue dog Penelope


Andy is the sweetest little boy who just wants to be loved and protected. He is very eager to please and still a little timid of loud noises and new things but he is learning quickly and settling well.  A little more time and patience to build his confidence is all he needs. He recently had his right eye removed due to a rupture but you would not know it, he has completely adapted.  You still have to help him here and there on walks if objects are on his blindside.
Andy enjoys going for walks.  As he has come to know his new surroundings and all of the new smells, he has settled into his walks well.  His foster Mom first reported he may not be a morning walk man due to howling, however Andy is a quick study and he has mastered the quiet early morning walk!  He is at times startled by fast moving traffic or loud noises but calms quickly if given the opportunity to observe the noise and its culprit.  Each time he goes for a walk he gets more and more confident.  Andy likes to say hi to people and dogs, if they do not want to say hi to him, he likes to stop and watch them pass.  You will need to correct him here and there if he begins to get excited about a smell, but he reacts very well to early correction and is never unruly.  He is a very pleasant boy to walk with.
Andy is currently living with two cats and is completely submissive to them.  He has met children from ages 4 yrs. to 11 yrs. and has no issues saying hi but for now, he seems to prefer sleeping on the couch with the adults.  Andy has so far proven to be fully house trained and therefore does not need to be crated at night; he likes to be snuggling right up next to you in bed.  Andy has met dogs on walks and has no issues with the introductions.  He would not do well with dogs that are very dominate; he still needs time to build his confidence and is a sensitive soul.
Andy is currently crated during the day for a full 9 hrs while his foster Mom is at work.  He does not yet go in “willingly” but he settles right away and does not make a fuss or whine/bark.  He gets a Kong with peanut butter and that occupies him well.  Andy is very excited when you come home. He likes lots of pets and to run around the yard playing, celebrating his freedom.
Andy loves to be outside.  When he is in the yard, you will find him doing one of two things, sniffing out the critters or sleeping. He does not bark when he hears other dogs barking and is a very quiet 95% of the time… Until he is sniffing and he has found the fresh scent of something enticing like a squirrel or bunny, then he is on the hunt, he lets everyone know it by howling/barking, and being a beagle, he can get quite loud.  He is also very curious and eager to stick his head in any hole he can so he will need a secure yard, one he cannot squeeze out of while following his nose.
Andy does not know his basic commands like sit or lay down but he is very attentive and eager to please and will be a very quick study. Andy is a very chill guy, happy to sleep the day away while his people read or watch TV. When in the house, he is sleeping somewhere close to his people, more than likely on the couch, but sometimes on the dog bed.  Currently Andy’s bed of choice is a very fluffy pillow on the couch, he likes to dig and arrange his beds.
Andy was recently at the vet and got a clean bill of health from his eye surgery.  He may have some seasonal allergies that make his skin a little red and itchy, or it is just the tail end of his healing from a fungal skin condition he had when taken in. Simple soothing baths and or an allergy pill on itchy days should be enough to fix him up.  He is still a little underweight and unfortunately not very food driven.  He likes to have some wet food mixed in with his kibble to entice him to eat.  Andy’s eating is improving but he really remains uninspired by dog food.  He is very interested in people food and would not hesitate to steal your food if you left the room…but when he is told no, he leaves it and lays down away from the food with no begging.
Andy loves to snuggle and bury his head in your arm.  If you call Andy to you, you better be ready cause he is going to drop and show you his belly for lots of rubs!  Andy is a gentle spirit, a true joy to be around.  He makes his foster Mom laugh every day. He would do well in calmer house, with another animal for company if his people are out of the house all day.  Andy will be the dog that you cannot get over how easy he was.  He is a special little pup and is ready to find his forever home!

Andy was lovingly fostered by Andrea