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Andy has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Uncle Kris by Roz and her pack


Andy is AWESOME!! He loves to play fetch, is so affectionate and very well behaved in the house.

Andy was left in a boarding facility and no one is sure what happened to his owners.

Andy has had some training as he will sit, especially if there is a treat involved. He sleeps through the night and gets along great with the “cat from hell” who tries his best to provoke Andy. Andy just ignores him. He also gets along with the other dogs in his foster home.

Andy is still a puppy and needs to be walked or run several times a day. He can also be tired out by playing fetch in the back yard, something he adores! He gets a little frisky when he sees you putting on your shoes at the door because he thinks he is going for a walk or a ride in the car (he is very well behaved in the back seat). Andy can be a little vocal when he wants to tell you something like take me, take me!


Andy was lovingly fostered by Debra