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Amber has been adopted!!


The Jewel litter is sponsored in honour of Howard Brodsky! Wishing him a very Happy 34th Anniversary from his wife who is so grateful for his never-ending support of the rescue and his love for dogs.


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This beautiful girl has settled into her foster home nicely.  When she first arrived, we thought she was going to be the rebel for sure.  She has a calm side that enjoys being petted and an adventurous side that makes her one of the first of her siblings to try something new. She is the most kissy.

This entire litter is social; they play well with each other, the medium size dogs and the teenagers in their foster home.  They all have been exposed to the foster home cats and so far simply ignore them.

They were born April 9/10, 2018 and will be ready to go to their new homes on the weekend of June 8. These puppies have had their first set of vaccinations at 6 weeks.  They will need a second set of vaccinations at 9 weeks and then a third set after that.  Given the current size of the puppies, we feel they will likely grow to be large dogs, but we can’t say for sure what they will weigh.  They are huskies mixes and will require a yard with a high fence and an active family.

These puppies have come from northern Ontario.  Up to this point, they have had very little training and so many things are brand new to them.  Currently, they chew on everything they can, do not sleep through the night and are crated together.  Prior to adoption, they will spend time learning basic skills such as:  redirection to puppy toys, house training, crate training, and they will be separated into their own crates at night time.

As typical with puppies, they don’t like to be alone. When we leave the room or crate them during the day the puppies exhibit signs of barking and whining for us to come back before settling down nicely. The ideal home would have someone home during the day and that is willing to provide the necessary training that a young puppy requires.  It is highly recommended that they attend puppy classes to learn basic skills and socializing. Untrained larger breed puppies, become a handful later on, if they do not know what is expected of them, both in behavior and social skills with other dogs.

As with most puppies, we are typically overwhelmed with applications. We do appreciate your patience as we consider each application, and also your understanding if yours is not selected at this time. Please do watch our website and Facebook page, as we do have puppies from time to time and also consider other dogs in care that are in need of a loving home.

Amber was lovingly fostered by Shari