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Alleigh has been adopted!

Sponsored by Janet A. and her Save Me dog Kelly


Introducing Alleigh..

The wonderful little poodle girl has the most beautiful hazel coloured eyes we’ve yet to see on a dog. They’re very unique.

Alleigh was recently taken from her owner during a puppy mill raid, along with 28 other dogs. While they were all quiet skinny, they all seem to be in good health otherwise and are all adapting to home live very well.

She is been very good at her house training, though she is not left alone very often, so she has access to the yard all of the time. She is quiet around the house, but will bark out of anxiety if she cannot find her foster mom. This is something that should be worked on in order to show her she is ok to be left alone for short periods to build her confidence.

This young girl has never experianced the freedom of running loose in a house full of interested items. So she has been caught stealing shoes and small articles. This puppy like behaviour is quiet comical but not when you’re trying to find the match to your shoe quickly!

Alleigh would do best in a home with a fenced yard as she is considered a flight risk. She would be an excellent compainion to a retired couple that wants a dog that would love them to the moon and back and could go everywhere with them.

Her personality with other dogs is changing. She initially found the other dogs in her foster home to be a threat to her, but as she has settled in, she is starting to enjoy their company and now follows them around and engages in play time outside. Alleigh would be best with a dog that is laid back and easy going, one who is respectful of other dogs and not all up in their face.

Alleigh loves her people, loves to go for walks and really enjoys playing with the garden hose when it’s on. Simply facinates her! She’s a sweet girl who shows that she is thankful for her escape from the mill with affection and running in the yard. Freedom is sweet!

Alleigh was lovingly fostered by Cheryl