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Alissa has been adopted!

Sponsored by the Boyd family


A combination of silky soft ears and the most beautiful brown eyes makes this little girl simply stunning!

She has come to us from Ohio and was found with another beagle her size. Although timid, she has all of the typical beagle characteristics – gentle, sweet, loving, a kisser and a big tail-wager. Her big beautiful brown eyes have a pleading expression, and her long wide soft ears just beg for a little scratch. All of these great things in such a little package.

The beagle breed are slaves to their noses; therefore, Alissa will require a fully fenced in yard that is safe for her as she will follow and get lost in a scent easily. When interacting with other animals, she is submissive and tries to become their friend. She has met the senior kitty in her foster home ( who can be a little nasty) and showed very little interest in her.

She sleeps through the night on a dog bed in the master bedroom and is in a crate during the day when her foster family is out of the home. She does whine a little bit when she is first left; therefore an apartment or joining townhome may not be suitable for Alissa. She does not know any commands and would benefit from obedience training. This will also create a lasting bond with her people. She loves food and is a little underweight, which will make her a great candidate for positive reinforcement- reward training.

She is learning to walk on a leash with her harness and is doing incredible well. She will make a soft little whine when she needs to go outside to do her business. It seems she is house trained as there have been no accidents in the home. She was a little unsure how to respond to love and affection from her foster family when she first arrived; however, this has changed and she is always eager to snuggle on her dog bed or receive some loving. In return, here foster family gets tail wags and soft little kisses.

Since her arrival, her foster family has seen a change in Alissa’s confidence level. She is eager to great all of her foster family members and she has shown a love for dog toys and can entertain herself nicely. Alissa has been introduced to small, young children, and was eager to become their friend and receive their attention. She loves to play with a small ball and is learning that her people will play fetch with her when she brings the ball back.

Alissa is looking for a forever home that will be patient with her and continue to work on building her confidence level. She is extremely gentle and her goal is to be loved. She will make an incredible addition to any family.

Alissa was lovingly fostered by Robin