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Save Me Remembers Alfie


We received news of the unexpected passing of sweet Alfie. Although we are heartbroken, we are also thankful that Alfie had very loving and devoted parents that loved him deeply and gave him his best life.

“Hello to our friends at Save Me,

It is with extremely heavy, devastated hearts that we share the news of the sudden passing of our amazing boy Alfie.

Alfie (original adoption name “Rocky”) joined our family from Save Me Rescue in December 2014 after being in the incredible care of his foster mum Stephanie. Without the great work of Save Me and Stephanie we would never have known the intense love and care of having this wonderful little man in our family. Every single day was a blessing with Alfie and we are so grateful for every minute with him while today feeling so sad and at a loss that it ended far too soon.

Alfie suddenly became ill overnight this week and was in surgery within hours with what the surgeon said was an inoperable mass that would have also been nearly impossible to spot on most scans. He sadly passed during their attempt at surgery. The tiny solace was that he would have felt nothing. Everyone did everything possible. Considering he was in perfect health in the evening before any sign of trouble, this has been an unexpected and truly painful blow to us.

We loved Alfie with all of our hearts every day and we think we would have made Save Me proud.

Thank you again for giving us the chance to be so blessed with Alfie as our cherished family member who will be in our hearts forever. We will always support and stay in touch with you and Stephanie and hope you keep in touch with us in the future as well. Your work literally changes lives for the best – canine and human.”