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Alex has been adopted!

Sponsored by Sue M., in celebration of my gentle giant labradoodle Lennon


Meet Alex.

Alex is a lovable gentle giant. Alex loves walks, people and dogs. He wants to be petted and cuddled a lot but is also low maintenance and likes a good nap. Alex is gentle with children and loves sniffing other dogs. He is starting to play with a ball and he likes his stuffed animals.

Alex mostly ignores our cat Yoshi, even when the cat from hell provokes him. Lol.

Alex came to us in rough shape having been found wandering and with a few weeks of TLC, his skin is looking good, hair is growing back and he is so much stronger.  Alex has some weakness in one leg which won’t change but he can easily take a half hour to a hour walk although he is fine with less.

The best house for Alex is somewhere he can enjoy his retirement and a house or apartment without too many stairs. He is happy sleeping on the first floor when we go up to bed and does not make a sound. In fact, Alex rarely barks so he won’t make a good watchdog.

Alex likes going for car rides and basically just likes having his humans around.

Now for the negative. Alex is pretty tall and we have lost bread and a few other things from the kitchen counter when we left them to close to the edge and went out for the evening. 🙂  But the vet did say he could stand to gain another 5 lbs!


Alex was lovingly fostered by Debra.