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Alaska has been adopted!

Sponsored by Andrew, Marcy, Jacob, Sierra and Jamie in honour of Sonya’s Bat Mitzvah.


Please meet Alaska!
Alaska is a 6.5 week old female Northern Breed Husky mix who currently weighs almost 5lbs.  Alaska was found on her own at 5 weeks old on a northern community.  To the best of our knowledge Alaska appears to be a smaller northern breed, most likely a medium size dog who will probably weigh around 30-40lbs as an adult.
Don’t let her cute pictures fool you!  Alaska is a firecracker!  For a little puppy, she certainly has a big personality.  Alaska is very sassy and playful, she likes to talk a lot, won’t take no for an answer, always has to have the last word, all that and she is still a little cuddle bunny who loves to be with her people and her pack.  Alaska loves her canine pack, she is never far from any of her foster siblings, Alaska has no fear of any dog and she most definitely is always the boss.  As such, Alaska should be placed in a home with another dog as a companion as she does not like to be on her own when foster mom is out and will bark nonstop unless one of her pack members or her people are with her.
Alaska is doing exceptionally well with potty training, but we are having issues with crate training (she simply hates it!).  She is very very smart and learns right from wrong very quickly, but is often defiant in a playful manner.  She will require her people to be alpha and train her so that becomes a good adult dog.
It would be preferable to place Alaska in a home with someone who is home with her during the day at least until she is no longer a puppy and most importantly that she has a tolerant dog companion.
Alaska is good with kids, but she is still only a baby so her little teeth are sharp.
Alaska is fun and fluffy, sassy and bossy and is such a joy to foster. She has had her first puppy vaccination this week and has had 2 dewormings.  She is currently being fostered in Campbellville and will be ready to go to her new home on February 10th when she is 8 weeks old.

Alaska was fostered by Susan