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Agnes has been adopted!

Sponsored by Colleen V., in honour of her fur babies: Dougie, Charlie, Shelby, Buddy & Oscar

Agnes is a beautiful looking Redbone Hound with the most amazing looking long coon hound ears. Her beauty does not end there, she’s got an amazing personality and loves everyone she meets.

Aggie is settling into her foster home nicely. She is a gentle giant that requires work on her basic commands. She walks well on a leash and kennels well at night with no objections. She loves playing in the back yard with our dog, who relentlously provokes her into non stop play. She is twice the size of our dog but is very gentle in their interaction. Although she has not shown any interest in our resident cats, we are cautious when they are in the same room. We are still getting to know her.

She requires a home that has the facilities to harbour a large dog and a fenced in back yard. Because of her breed, off leash is not recommended due to her genetic predisposition to follow scents. She is a redbone coon hound. One that would fit nicely on the set of ” The Beverley Hillbillies :).”

She will require a patient committed home that is willing to work on her manners. Her temperament is delightful, she was favoured by all that helped her get here. She is a beauty with wonderful conformation.

She’s busy settling into her new foster home and getting to know her foster family. If you have questions about her, please contact her foster mom Fran at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while