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Adele has been adopted!

Sponsored by Rob, in loving memory of Manny



Adele is a sweet, happy and cuddly girl. She just loves to snuggle and be right beside you. She is always so very happy you can see it in her eyes. Adele would be a welcome addition for the right family or person who would have the time to help her grow through the puppy stage she is in and meet her full potential.

She is a Shepherd mix, weighing 54 lbs. and is in very good health. She is spayed, microchipped and her rabies immunizations is current. She is a playful girl and not prone to excessive barking.

This sweetie comes to us from Barren River Animal Welfare Association in Kentucky. She is an owner surrender as the owner’s older dog did not get along with her.

Adele currently lives with him foster mom, three dogs and 2 cats. She loves human contact and tends to follow her foster mom. She gets along extremely well with dogs and people. She is not too sure about the cats; however, she does not chase them just watches them. She is respectful of the other dogs and is in no way aggressive. She engages the larger sibling in games of tag and wrestling. The smaller dogs are not amused when she tries to play with them so she simply walks away. She shakes and chews the squeaky crinkly toys but does not know fetch and retrieve. Adele is fully housetrained.

When not playing, she loves sleeping on the couch, cuddling, belly rubs and just being with her human. If you stop with rubbing her head or tummy, she will lift your hand, with her mouth, and just look at you until you give her more! Her food etiquette is very good and does not take from the other dogs dishes. She is very gentle when taking treats from your hand. She seems to be lacking in an understanding of the basic commands and knowing her name. For the most part she walks pretty well on a leash and harness

Adele is very intelligent and learns very quickly. She is curious, sometimes cautious, mostly fearless. When left alone to her own devices she can get into trouble. Everything is a toy: hands, feet, socks, shoes, and she will have fun with everything. Adele is still very much a puppy and needs guidance to grow through this stage.

Adele will blossom in a home where her humans have the patience and time to be with her, invest in training and keep up her strong instinct for socialization. A mature or calm home would be preferred. Older children or dog-savvy children would also be of benefit for Adele, as she tends to investigate hands for treats. A sibling would be wonderful for her. A fenced yard is a must.

Adele is such a happy, loving and sweet girl. She will give her human(s) much unconditional love every day – you can see this in her eyes.


Adele was lovingly fostered by Jackie