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Adele has been adopted!

Adele is sponsored to wish Howard a very happy anniversary 🥂



Adele is a 7-ish year old Female German Pointer Mix. She looks quite a lot like she is mixed with an Irish Wolfhound. The original shelter mentioned she was 8, however our vet feels she is closer to 6. We have met in the middle and posted her as 7 years approx.

My first fun discovery is that Ms. Adele speaks fluent doggie French! She has been very well trained, is well mannered in the house and knows all of her commands in French. English is foreign to her and she will not respond. She can be left alone in the house without issue, has never had an accident, is non-destructive and is very good at letting you know when she has to go outside. She absolutely LOVES squeaky toys and will play with one for hours. She spends the majority of her days snoozing, and is very low key most of the time. She loves hugs, will snuggle on the couch if you let her up, and has no interest in getting up on the bed.

She has interacted with many dogs including one resident pup and has good, playful manners with all. She REALLY loves tiny dogs, almost to the point where she will not leave them alone without many reminders and corrections. She just wants to play and get to know them, and is extremely gentle with them. She has interacted with kids briefly on walks and is gentle with them as well.

Adele is an escape artist. If she sees an open door, she is flying out of it faster than you can grab her. She can also hop a 3-4 ft. fence with ease. This has been a bit of a challenge in foster, as she must be leashed at all times while outdoors, and carefully watched while answering or opening the door. Her desire for freedom has majorly been driven by the resident bunnies and groundhogs she can see from the front door. This has caused a bit of an obsession, spending quite a bit of time watching and pacing in front of the doors and windows.

Adele’s new family will have to do some work with her on just a few items. The first being when guests come to the door and enter the home. She barks, is extremely excitable, jumps around and up on people entering the home. This can be quite daunting for guests given her size. The other area for improvement is walking on a leash. Again, due to her size – she is a sheer force of nature. If she sees something she likes she will pull you across the street, neighbors yards – anywhere to get where she wants to go. Many different techniques, leads & harnesses have been tested. This will just take time, patience and perseverance to work through.

She will jump into the back of a vehicle without issue, however over time I do predict she will need assistance to get in. She isn’t a huge fan of car rides, won’t sit or lay down and spends the ride panting heavily.

As you can see, Adele is a lovely, wonderful, well mannered dog with a few areas for improvement. Due to her size and weight- she will require a very strong (willed and physically) family, ready to spend time to help her make these changes. A a fully fenced yard (6+ft) will also be necessary.

Adele arrived in Ontario from Quebec in May and was surrendered due to a mammary mass. She has since been spayed and the mass removed. Thankfully, the results came back and the tumor was benign. Being spayed will drastically reduce her chances of this recurring or new masses forming. She was also tested for Heartworm and Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasmosis and all were negative. Her teeth & coat are also in excellent condition.

Adele was lovingly fostered by Katie R.