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Addison has been adopted!

Addison is sponsored by Jennifer G. and her Save Me dog Laddie


Immediately you are drawn to her unique amber eyes and angel wings.

After that , her wonderful disposition and manners catch your attention further.

Addison is. 4 yr old, 60 lb chocolate lab cross who has known her share of heartache.
Although she came into the shelter without pups, she had just previously had a litter.
A bullet was removed from her nipple area during the spay surgery.  Not an uncommon thing for her area of origin. She was someone’s pet at some time.

Addy as she is affectionately called by her foster parents, is an absolute delight.

Well mannered and very intelligent, she is a whiz at learning new things.

She is crate trained, although her foster parents never use it as she is non destructive if left alone.  She is house trained and lives happily with an array of doggies that stay and go from her current house.  From a 110 lb to a 20 lb dog, once she meets and greets, they are in her circle.
The resident cat, who is an odd ball, has decided to grace Addy with her presence and Addy as usual takes her into her collection of critters and people to love.

She still pulls a bit initially on a leash in her zest for a walk but settles nicely and recalls off leash very well.

Did I mention she loves car rides?  She is an dream to travel with as she curls up and enjoys the ride.

She is a wonderful, special girl, looking for her forever family.  Don’t pass her by, she is one of the sweetest dogs her foster folks have had.

Addison was lovingly fostered by Deb