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Abbott has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Beagles past: Ashley and Clyde and with love from Clary and Marmalade. Welcome to your new life, Abbott.



Say hello to sweet Abbott.

This wee guy is from Hardin County Kentucky. Unfortunately his travels were delayed due to some bumps in the road as he tested positive for heartworm. All over now! Abbott is finally in Canada. Abbott finished his heart worm treatment. Subsequent to finishing treatment we keep dogs on a specific heart worm preventative for a full year regardless of the season. Save Me provides the first six months after finishing treatment and any remaining months will be given to Abbott’s forever family.

Abbott is healthy, happy and looking forward to finding his forever family.

Abbott is a four year old beagle boy with a warm heart and gentle disposition. He is a well rounded pup with so much to offer. Abbott would fit in beautifully with many family types. He is currently living with another beagle in his foster home. Abbott plays and snuggles. Even shares toys graciously. When left alone for a short period, he is not crated. He is respectful and nondestructive. When his foster mom returns, Abbott is at the door with a friendly welcome back attitude and wiggles all around and tail spinning.

Housetraining has been a challenge. Abbott is learning to do his business outside with the help of his housetrained fur mentor, and a rewarding treat after. The potty schedule and frequent trips outside are mandatory so Abbott gets it.

This darling boy is a gem.

He has some thoughts to express.

Hi humans!

My name is Abbott.

A little bit about myself ok. First let’s get the obvious out of the way. Clearly I’m cute.
I am a beagle so it’s no surprise I’m food motivated, and my sniffer will get me into trouble if I’m not supervised. I really like having a fur friend in my foster home, but it’s also cool if I’m on my own. A yard would be choice, but if I got enough exercise walking that’s just fine, I’d be happy!

Back at Hardin us shelter mates would stay up after curfew bouncing around ideas what life is like on the outside. Will we have a warm home? A yummy meal everyday? If there’s a yard then bonus, Only if it’s safe and secure so I don’t get hurt or lost. Will there be kids? Playmates? Adventures to discover maybe?

I want to express some wise words of encouragement to all the fur kids waiting to be rescued.

Be patient and positive. Even though it’s been hard, have faith in humanity . The perfect family is looking for you, just like your looking for them. Hold your head up and keep those tails a wagging. Most importantly, don’t stop believing


Abbott was lovingly fostered by Nicole S.